Récente inspiration

Hidden Dialogues

Nganji ,  le 16.05.2019

A/ How would you feel if your hands were cut off just to feed the greed of some rich bastards ?

B/ Stop with the metaphors.

C/ Yeah but you get the message.

B/Yes I get it but still I am tired of the metaphors, the poems, the prayers and all the Jesus said turn-the-other cheek bullshit.

D/ Come on, that’s the spirit our characters pay hommage to...

B/ Your character, not mine.

D/ Alright then, not your character but at least his and mine.

A/ No no, I am sorry but I don’t recognise myself in the character you play, that’s why I named mine William Henry the third.

C/ Waw... and you think that’s enough ?

A/ For me, yeah ! Please stop laughing at me.

C/ I am not laughing at you, I am laughing...

A/ with you. Yeah. Whatever.

D/ Don’t forget that we are in a white theatre, with a white director.

B/ So what ?

A/ Yeah ! So what ! Remember, the title of the play ? Black !

C/ The Sorrows of Belgium.

A/ Yes but the first word in capital letters is Black and I am not sure that if we are the ones playing the Blacks that we really are doing justice to...

C/ What do you mean « if we are the ones playing the Blacks » ?

A/ Let me finish please.

C/ What do you mean ?

A/ Can I finish !?

B/ Ouuuhhh, toxic masculinity.

A/ Really ? You wanna go there ?

B/ Why not ?

C/ Look at him, he doesn’t like that.

D/ Let him finish.

A/ Thank you. What I am saying is that our characters’ voices don’t reveal as many dimensions as the white characters.

D/ And it’s a pity for a performance titled Black.

A/ Voilà!

C/ We know that already.

A/ Why didn’t you say it earlier then ?

B/ To offer you another voice.

A/ Stop laughing. You see that’s the problem, we can’t talk seriously.

B/ Listen man, it’s not because I laugh that I am not taking things seriously. You don’t know me.

C/ She’s right, you don’t. Where were you when we talked about colonial excuses ?

D/ Come on.

B/ Were you there ? No ! So shut up !

D/ Come on, we have to think like a team. She doesn’t mean it.

B/ Oh yes, I mean it.

A/ Alright, I shut up. Enjoy your superficial characters.

D/ Hey ! Come back ! Listen, we all agree on the need to bring different black voices. That’s why I want to talk about the different implications between excuses and financial reparations for a country with colonial past, crime against humanities, robberies and more despicable businesses that its population is still benefiting from today.

C/ Our director won’t let us do it.

B/ That’s why you need to write and direct your own stories my dear.

C/ I am.

D/ I am, as well.

B/ Really ?

D/ Yes, I even got a title.

C/ Already ? What is your title ?

A/ « Fuck your excuses, pay back what you stole from me ».

D/ Nope. Too long.

A/ Oh yeah ?

B/ Yes.

D/ I’m kidding.

C/ What about

D/ « Black. The Sorrows Of Belgium, part 1 : Congo...

A/ ... a century of illegally building white privilege ».

D/ Can we say that ?

A/ Saying « a century of illegally building white privilege » ? Yes we can.

D/ Thank you Barack.

A/ Obama is not black.

D/ Don’t start again.

B/ He is biracial.

A/ Thank you.

B/ Thank me later.

D/ Our white colleagues are waiting for us.

A/ Let them wait.

C/ Enough. Let’s go back to work.

B/ Let’s Africanise them.


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