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slow motions
Slowing down

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Slowing down

Lila,  le 31.01.2013

He's asking me, compulsory.
Where I have seen the last of me..
I have to learn.. again.
Return.. again.
To the point where I have been losing me.

It's my shadow pushing me..
Walking backwards..in return.
He smiles at me,
identifies with me.
Tries to be severe.
But he knows I know ..
He always knows..
That slow would have been so much nicer here..

So we fool the time..
And while he walks with me.. backwardly..
I softly sing,
a song,
some words I hear my grandma bring..
to make right what has been wrong.

Now he's asking me, compulsory.
If this is the place I've been losing me.
I have learned.. again.
Returned.. again.

There's nothing really lost you see..



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