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Dernière inspiration

Smoke and Mirror Breaks

Jennifer Hillman,  le 19.07.2011

Sweetness of the sorrow
The tender touch of the moment's embrace
The essence of Love's taste
Memories with the songs of the heart
Words, clues of the day's dance
Be real or just the illusion
The perception of the humanness of the human's heart

Be presence to the truth within the silence
The secrets hidden reveal through the cracks of the ego
Secrets can break the bond
Knowing the knowingness
Feeling the feelings, the emotions bend
Cover the truth betrayals all involved
Tears release the connection and the guilt

Regret not the path taken
Understanding gain and experiences explored
Explore the mind of man and the lust
The untouchable made touchable in smoke
Reality came within the escape
Crack the silent secrets cry
Mirror within the time breaks
All is well and as it is to be.

copyrightJenniferHillman 2011



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