Récente inspiration

Face 2 Face

D.,  le 09.08.2018

It's a shame not to be able to pretend
that in all these confusing and disturbing emotions
you keep standing facing your reflection
lying to yourself without any approbation
and at the end of it, you stay with all these interrogations

In this mirror which is not even dirty
You pretend to not see your face because it seems to be blurry
So you decide to leave
Telling you "Fuck Up"
Because you are afraid by your vulnerabilty
trying to forget all this pain to secure yourself from your incapicity
to see,
I guess you feel not surely ready
to hear the sound of your soul
But i understand, i don't have to put some pressure
She's so precious, you'd better not offend her

So be wise..
take your time

We are not even running
You don't have to feel sorry
But please stop pretending that you're happy
In this life i learned, that you don't have to be hurry.

Trust me.


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